SMART GLASS can switch between matting and transparency using wireless operation.

SMART GLASS control with remote control and switch

Using our SMART GLASS solutions, you can control transparency and matting in your glass using the app, switch or remote control. Several different modes can be programmed for the glass, so that for example half of the glass is matted at the first click and the second click can have a logo, the third click shows a text in the glass and the fourth click gives clear review.

Everything can be programmed according to your needs and we can adapt the solution as you wish. Contact us to find out more about our many options. In collaboration with you, we will find the perfect solution for your needs.

Produced on special measurements

We have several choices in relation to matting color in SMART GLASS. There are, among other things, white, gray and dark gray matting. You can choose which type you want.

We can program logos, texts or something completely different into all our glass types. All SMART GLASS is produced to special measurements, so we can help you with every conceivable size. Large and small solutions can be delivered to both private and business.


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SMART GLASS for indoor and outdoor use

Our glass solutions are made for both outdoor and indoor use, so you can get a solution in the garden, home or for your business. It offers a lot of options that are hard to solve in other ways. You can, for example, use SMART GLASS in facade windows for your home, if you, for example, live next to a busy one where you want privacy in the evening, but at the same time want to keep your view and have the light into the daytime.

Say goodbye to blinds and curtains with the glass of the future. Our product is founded to give you flexibility, so you can get the most out of your home in many situations. You can calculate the price of SMART GLASS directly on our website by entering the height and width measurements and selecting the wishes and choices that you want.

Logo, text and slats built into the glass

We can supply SMART GLASS with integrated logo, text or other unique wishes in the glass. With a single click, you can switch between the different modes and display what you want directly in the glass. Submit your logo, text or anything else and let us send you a draft of what it will look like when it is programmed into the glass.

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Niels Bendix
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Tobias Brodersen
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Ditte Riis Pedersen
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Now keep up the good work at SMART GLAS. The warmest recommendations from here me, 5 stars.
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